IOS 7 screensaver for mac

Gepost 21/01/2014

Written by: Floris Vos


Do you like the IOS 7 lockscreen? And do you have a mac? If this is true than i have something really cool for you. Actually it's a screensaver for the mac wich is inspired by the IOS 7 lockscreen. Of course it shows the actual date and time and also the "press key to unlock" text. There are much options for customizing the screensaver.

Here is a screenshot of the actual screensaver.




This screensaver is compatible with almost every mac. So let me show you guys how to install this awesome wallpaper:


  1. First download the wallpaper from the developers site:
  2. Open the downloaded .dmg file
  3. If you have an intel mac you can just run the dedicated installer
  4. If you have an PowerPC mac:
    1. Select the installer file
    2. Perform a right mouse click
    3. Click on "show package contents"
    4. Click on the folder "contents"
    5. Click on the folder "resources" and locate the "iOS 7 lockscreen by bodysoulspirit.qtz" file
    6. Now open up a new finder window and press: Command+Shift+G
    7. Now go to: ~/Library/Screen Savers/ 
    8. Copy and paste the "iOS 7 lockscreen by bodysoulspirit.qtz" file in this folder
    9. Close out the finder windows
  5. Now go to system preferences
  6. Go to desktop and screensaver 
  7. Click on the screensaver tab
  8. locate the IOS 7 lockscreen screensaver and click it to enable

I have also made a youtube video to show you how this works. You can find this on my video page or using this link:


i hope you guys like this screensaver!